I'm Emma, Photographer and social media lady from the North East of England. Here you will find my professional work mixed alongside my personal photographs on travel, interiors, and general day to day.

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Two Thousand & Seventeen

Two Thousand & Seventeen

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope it's been a great start for you all and you all had a great Christmas. If you're here you'll have noticed a big change which is my new and updated website. I've been humming and haring about changing my layout for a while now and decided the New Year was time to take the plunge. I wanted something a lot cleaner and easier to navigate so hopefully you find this new template has that; I really like how it looks aesthetically and feels like a better overall theme in fitting with my content. I've imported a lot of my old posts but only kept my favourites as it was a good way of getting rid of some really old outdated posts, I can't believe I've been running the blog since 2013 that seems like a crazy long time!

I also wanted to share some goals I've set for 2017, I hate calling them new year’s resolutions as I think it's really cliché and people (definitely myself) never stick to them, so I just wanted to write a few vague things that I'd like to do within the new year... 

Hopes for 2017...



I think within this year I'd like to explore myself a little bit more; I think as I grow older I find out more and more about myself and what I like. This year I would like to push my boundaries creatively, I think there's a lot of 'I couldn't/they couldn't do that' attitude about, when really anyone can try their hand at anything. Sticking within a remit or comfort zone feels 'safe' but doesn't actually let you explore yourself. Creativity is something that I always turn to so for me this is to explore my creativity; to really push myself to find new things that keep me inspired and happy. I need to remind myself I have nothing to loose, if it fails so be it at least I tried. This doesn't even really just apply to creative subjects, it can be on a general scale, anything in my life that I'm sitting within a 'comfort zone' isn't really allowing me to grow person. So it’s my mission to change that about myself, really try this year to do anything that makes me feel nervous or scared, jump in feet first and go for it. 



If there's anything this year's taught me it’s to hold loved ones close. Spend more time with people I love and take the time to remind them how much they mean to me. I know everyone says that but really it's true. Let things go that are trivial; forgive and forget as you just don't know what's around the corner. I think also take the time to realise how much you mean to people too, actions speak louder than words and those people who are really there for you mean the most. Take the time to spend time with them, go for a coffee or even something as simple as sending them a text. 


Each year we make a wish list of the places we would like to visit, you might have seen my adventure recap (here) of last year’s travels. I'm always really proud at the end of the year when I can look back and see the places we've been; it’s definitely money well spent. Like I said in that post I think traveling has massively changed me as a person, it keeps me inspired and allows me to change my outlook on so many things. I can’t wait to see what this year will bring! We already have some plans in the pipeline.

There's loads more I could list but these three seem like some realistic mini ones that I can work on right away! I hope next year I can look back and see positive changes! 

What are your aims for 2017? 



Sacred Monster

Sacred Monster