Furry Friends In Almeria
Furry Friends In Almeria Heading down to felix... We headed down to the old fashion village of Furry Friends In Almeria
A Wander through Almeria
picturesque place. This time I visited Almeria without Luke so rather than having lots of couple photos A Wander through Almeria Another year another Almeria post, if you haven't already read in the travel section of my blog
time there; I like to document each place I visit in photographs to look back on. Even though Almeria Some photos from a recent visit to my aunties house in Almeria, If you've been a reader for a while
Vicar Market
, bedding and a hand bag. There was everything from food to textiles. As Almeria is massive on fruit and ; you find some really unique pieces as well as getting a feel for the culture. Vicar Market in Almeria
The Port
On my recent visit to Almeria (see my previous posts here) we took a trip down to the Port in Roquetas, it’s nice to visit as you see all the boats in the harbour along with the Castle of Almeria
On my previous post (Here) I mentioned that we did a bit of a road trip when we visited Almeria; we
(For context see previous posts here) Down in the village of Almeria there are lots of stray cats
Family Time
like I manage to see new insights to Almeria, it's such a beautiful place stuck somewhere between the Every year I go out to visit my auntie in Almeria which if you've read my blog for a while you'll
2016 Adventure Recap
one of the best things I've done in relation to film. Almeria I love visiting Almeria in particular so ideal for relaxing. Looking forward to more visits there in 2017. See my previous posts on Almeria
essence of beauty about them..So when I was on holiday in Almeria (see post here) as I was without Luke
Granada + Alhambra Palace
starting with the little or rather big gem that is Granada. After visiting Almeria Granada isn't too
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