Travel Today is 'Travel Monday' time again, this time taking a little flash back to when Luke and I went somewhat obvious tip but I just thought I'd mention it as we noticed when traveling from the airport would recommend taking extra care when walking around Rome. Cars travel crazy fast and from what I walk down also accommodate traveling vehicles, so beware. Stay in a central area. Again this is a
NYC / 2
Travel city, it’s funny how you change over the years when you travel too, for example; we loved and spent a Manhattan skyline. I'm in the process of putting together a travel video I did when I was there too so
Travel majority of lines that travel through the city. Wrap up! If you're planning a visit to the city in I'm excited to share... As always I commend anyone who makes it to the bottom of my travel posts so
Travel while you'll know my travel posts are rather photo heavy (understatement of the century). We were in
Dubai | Part One
Travel organised. I love to have travel vlogs and pictures as I think they are lovely memories. Be warned
Dubai | Part Two
Travel Today is 'Travel Monday' time again, this time taking a look back to when Luke and I travelled to
Hong Kong
we've traveled lots and I wanted a place to keep these photos and also inspire people to travel. So every Monday I will be posting mine and my boyfriend Luke's travel photos. Over the last 4 years Travel ) Well it's Monday again and time for my next travel post. If you didn't read my previous blog post on out of every trip especially if you travel a long distance. As always I've included photos of some of my New York trip, I stated that I wanted to start a travel category to my blog and that once a week
Las Vegas
tip. Having the car made us feel as if we lived in Vegas, we traveled all over. Having the car was travel posts. Las vegas was our first stop. Las Vegas is like nothing I've ever experienced. Again Today is 'Travel Monday' time again, today's post on our trip to the US West Coast .. Las Vegas Travel favourite Travel Mondays post yet. I've been dying to post about this USA trip since I started these weekly . That's about all for our travel tips! I hope that wasn't too much writing! I just feel very passionate
First time in NYC
, but I still love to look back on them all. I've been wanting to update the Travel category on my I travel I tend to take thousands of photos, so considering i've narrowed it down to 40 odd is Travel visited New York in April 2012, one of our first travel adventures. I think the pictures tell most of the over the city Tips We travelled everywhere by subway purchasing a weekly pass for $30 - the subway
Visiting Auschwitz
San Louis Obispo / San Francisco
Travel In today's 'Travel Monday' I'm taking a look back to when Luke and I visited San Francisco. You may
2016 Adventure Recap
... London We traveled to London this year for Secret Cinema (If you don't know what Secret Cinema is Travel highlights of 2016... of traveling this year, it always makes me feel proud to tick some more places off our bucket list but in blog post form. It's nice to look back and reflect on travels over the year. We've done a lot traveling more next year as we already have some plans in the pipeline! I think traveling is so important As we approach the new year I wanted to put together a post on some of my favourite travel moments
Paris Shoot
when they offered me the opportunity to travel to Paris for a photography shoot with the Nova Twins. I had never travelled alone before so it was a massive step! It was amazing to shoot solo and have
round to having some of my travel pictures printed by Memories Lab this week... Well... Sorry if I photos. I decided to get a print from each place we've travelled to. I'm delighted with the result! They
A Wander through Almeria
of the village whilst out on our travels.. more focusing on the detail in architecture, plantlife and to get a whole lot more travely over here as we have a few trips booked for this year which i'm Another year another Almeria post, if you haven't already read in the travel section of my blog
Two Thousand & Seventeen
year’s travels. I'm always really proud at the end of the year when I can look back and see the places we've been; it’s definitely money well spent. Like I said in that post I think traveling has , go for a coffee or even something as simple as sending them a text. Travel Each year we make a wish
Vicar Market2
Markets are a must when traveling in my opinion, I love to see the locals selling their products
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